Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research Launch Announcement

Today’s announcement marks the beginning of a new field of study into the plastic “progeny”—micro and nano plastics and their impact on the global Biosphere. We open the Institute utilizing our two state of the art microscopes in the development of new techniques for standardization of analyzing the amount of these particulates in California drinking water.  Captain Charles Moore’s two decades of data collection and analysis of samples in “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” will be the cornerstone for the Institute ‘s focus solely on these minute particles. 

The presence of nano particles in California drinking water has raised alarm throughout the scientific community and the local government sector.  Current techniques utilized by the State in the analysis of the particles in drinking water have dictated the necessity for more advanced investigation into the idiosyncrasies of these miniscule objects and to improve on current methods or protocols used for counting the number of them in drinking water.

There are numerous aspects of investigation that will be part of the Institute’s agenda (schedule) for study in the near term.  Following, or concurrent with the foregoing, we will be conducting  (a) the first long term monitoring of microplastics in  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, based on current analysis of samples collected in the 2019 Expedition and (b) examination of microplastics in local ocean waters and in the air. 


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