Laboratory Accreditation

Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

The State of California will soon become the first state in the USA to require testing of drinking water for the presence of microplastics. In order to do this, methods for gathering this data had to be attempted, studied and eventually standardized. The Moore Institute was proud to be one of many laboratories to test out these methods and help with the standardization process. Now, the state can move forward with the actual testing of drinking water. 


MISSION: To implement a sustainable accreditation program that ensures laboratories generate environmental and public health data of known, consistent, and documented quality to meet stakeholder needs.

VISION: Through effective program implementation and continuous improvement of ELAP, California will utilize the highest quality scientific data as a foundation for its environmental and public health programs and decisions.

The Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research has applied for accreditation, and we want to be the first California laboratory to be accredited specifically for analyzing microplastics in drinking water. This would allow us to be contracted by the state of California for their required analyses.The accreditation process is long and requires a lot of time and training for our staff, but we are excited to take this big step towards earning our reputation as one of California’s premiere laboratories. 
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