Shelly Moore

                    Executive Director

Ms. Moore (no relation to Charles Moore) has more than 25 years experience in the water quality field and specializes in trash and marine debris in aquatic environments. She has done research to provide both the regulated and regulator communities with baseline information necessary to determining the efficacy of recent policies and legislation around trash in the environment. She was also part of the 1999 North Pacific Gyre study sample design team. She has served as chair for regional monitoring surveys in Southern California and as co-chair for the California Trash Monitoring Workgroup, a subcommittee of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council supported by the California State Water Resources Control Board. Most recently Ms. Moore co-led and planned an international workshop on Microplastics Methods. The goal of this workshop was to bring regulators and methods exports together to inform stakeholders of current legislative requirements and the most current methods to evaluate microplastics. From this workshop, a Microplastics Method Evaluation and Standardization study has been developed to determine the accuracy, repeatability and costs of methods currently used to assess microplastics in a variety of environments.

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