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Recent legislation in California around microplastics in the environment and in our drinking water, has brought to light the lack of standardized methods for both measuring the amounts of microplastics and their effects on wildlife and humans. While many methods exist today, the complexity of measuring microplastics makes it difficult to compare the results from studies performed by multiple scientists.

The Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research has been created to not only work on identifying the amounts of microplastics in various environments, but also to work with other scientists to standardize the methodologies to ensure research throughout the world is repeatable, reliable, and comparable.

Your kind donation will be used to support two of the Moore Institute’s initial projects. The first project is an international study, where the Moore Institute is 1 of 34 laboratories analyzing microplastics in drinking water. We are working all participants towards standardizing methods and ensuring their repeatability and accuracy.

The second project involves completing sample analysis for the first long-term monitoring study of microplastics in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Both of these projects will inform policy makers, scientists and the public to enhance our ability to eradicate the problem of plastics, and especially microplastics, in the environment.

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