Trash AI

Trash AI is an open sourced project imagined by our research scientist Win Cowger and developed by Code for Sacramento. With Trash AI, anyone can upload photos of trash and the program will classify the trash in the picture. This data can be downloaded and shared by anyone, and will help make collecting trash data more efficient and accessible. 

Why do we need Trash AI? 

Collecting data in the field is time consuming and often expensive. Analyzing that data is even more work, and the resources to do this are often not accessible to the average trash enthusiast or environmental warrior. Trash AI provides a place where anyone can easily just upload photos, whether it be from a formal field outing or a simple walk in the park. From there, technology takes over the job and allows you to have access to the data with no fuss, no cost and no PhD required. 

The more we open science to the average person, the more we can accomplish. Trash AI is the one of many opportunities to merge technology with science and scientists with the public.

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