Our mission is to expand our knowledge about plastics and how they impact our environment and our health.  Our goal is to provide the results of our findings to governmental policy makers and industry decision makers. We will also continue to share our data with Algalita to enhance their educational efforts to inspire our youth to become stewards of the Earth.

We believe we can provide policy and decision makers with the necessary tools to create viable solutions to unintended deleterious consequences from the development of the plastic era.  Beginning from the manufacturing level, to the packaging level, to the consumer and finally, to the disposal of most certainly, the non-bio degradable items, each industry leader can play a role in finding new production techniques that after use, render the products biodegradable and friendly to the environment.  At the same time, the consumers role remains the same…responsible disposal of all trash.  We have the greatest ingenuity in the world and we can do this.  Understanding and accepting the severity of this “out of sight, out of mind” plague on the Commons is everyone’s responsibility.

Change can only occur when everyone is on board.  Our ultimate goal is the protection of our environment, our own physical well-being and encouraging and engaging industry to be the leaders that take us there, while at the same time keeping their balance sheets tenable.  It can be done, but it takes a village.

The Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to increasing the knowledge around plastics in our environment.