Our laboratory focuses on research around micro- and nano-plastics and will be led by three individuals with more than 50 years of experience studying plastics in the environment. While two of the individuals have the same last name, they are not related, except by professional association. Captain Charles Moore, founder of Algalita, with more than 20 years of experience in this field, will be the Research Director for the Moore Institute. He has been instrumental in identifying microplastics as an area of concern in our oceans.  Shelly Moore led a local research organization's microplastic research for 25 years, and is the ideal partner to begin this new organization.  She has now devoted herself full time to the Institute. Gwen Lattin has been leading Algalita’s laboratory research and analysis effort and will play a similar role as Chief Scientist at the Moore Institute.

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Shelly Moore- Cofounder & Executive Director
Charles Moore- Cofounder & Lab Manager
Dr. Win Cowger- Research Director
Gwen Lattin- Chief Scientist
Lindsay Darjany- Research Scientist & Volunteer Coordinator
Nicholas Leong- Data Scientist
Hannah Sherrod- Data Scientist